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"First day was great, friendly trainers and can already see a difference in my dog. Will definitely be back." Beka Anderson       "Absolutely yes!! I can’t recommend enough. Amazing what they can do to change a dogs behaviour. I went yesterday for the first time. Completely at the end of my tether with my dog. Within 15 mins I had a different dog. The behaviour within a short space of time had completely changed. Massive thanks. Keep up the fab work! " Julie Gibbons       "The National Dog Training Centre is fab! It is run by dedicated staff that are experts on dog care, handling and training. I am a university student that did a placement here, and I would fully recommend it to anyone, in high school/college/university, who needs to do work experience or any form placement! You learn loads, everyone is really friendly/welcoming, and the dogs are lovely!" Laura Harper       "First boot camp today. Absolutely amazed by the team. Can’t thank them enough for their help. We have just participated in a class with other dogs, something I never imagined we would ever be able to do. Can’t wait to continue our training." Jodie Wynn       "Started bringing my dog here 6 weeks ago and we’ve been coming every week since, he loves it he is like a different dog. I would recommend this place,Tom and Lou know what they r talking about if you need your dog trained definitely bring them here." Joanne Freeman
Residential Training Courses

Residential Training Courses

Dramatically improve your dog’s behaviour – Whether you’ve completely given up or just need the basics!

Welcome to our residential training page, below, and on the associated links you will learn more about our residential training services and how to ensure you don’t waste your money on residential training that doesn’t work!

The only residential training course available which offers:

  • Industry leading guarantees – It works, guaranteed
  • Multiple Trainers – The only way for residential to really work
  • 24/7 Care – Caring for your dog like it’s one of our own
  • Dedicated Welfare Team – Ensuring it’s not just your dogs the training needs which are met
  • Routine onsite vet visits – If your dog is in need, our vets are on hand
  • Dedicated trainer Contact – Regular photo/video updates from your designated trainer
  • Real world training – You don’t live in a training environment so we don’t train in one
  • Comprehensive handover

If you think that list looks comprehensive, then you’re right. It is, Just like our training!

Residential training is one of our most enquired about services and with good reason, more people than ever are struggling to find a trainer who can actually deliver the results.

So many owners have tried numerous trainers and approaches and still have nothing to show for it so they reach out to us regarding our residential dog training as a last resort.

Residential Training Courses Improving Dogs Behaivior

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in all my Years working with dogs and owners – What owners think they need and what they actually need are often two completely different things.

We’ve always been honest here at National Dog Trainin Centre but, the more we learn, the more we are able to properly articulate your options, manage your expectations and ensure that the training service you choose is the best one for you and your dog.

As you read further, you’ll find more information about our residential training courses, how they work, the investment required and all other relevant information along with a detailed FAQ page.

The other thing you will find, which you won’t find elsewhere, is information on why residential may not be the right choice, why it may not help, how you can end up spending lots of money on residential training and have nothing to show for it at the end and much more.

We don’t want to confuse you, we want you to make a logical decision based on a good level of understanding of what you need to be looking for when choosing a trainer, how to choose the correct service for you and your dog and how to maximise your chances of success.

We have worked with and changed the lives of many dogs and owners who have visited numerous trainers and been enrolled on residential dog training courses elsewhere with little to no success.

If you are looking to achieve long lasting happiness with your dog and don’t have the time, inclination or skill to train your companion then be sure to contact us to discover how you and your beloved dog can benefit from partnering with National Dog Trainin Centre.

We have Three ‘types’ of residential training.

National Association of Security Dog Users
The British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers
International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP)
Highfield Qualifications
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Do not worry if you have been told that your dog cannot be helped, most behaviours are sorted by our experienced trainers very quickly and effectively.

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