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"First day was great, friendly trainers and can already see a difference in my dog. Will definitely be back." Beka Anderson       "Absolutely yes!! I can’t recommend enough. Amazing what they can do to change a dogs behaviour. I went yesterday for the first time. Completely at the end of my tether with my dog. Within 15 mins I had a different dog. The behaviour within a short space of time had completely changed. Massive thanks. Keep up the fab work! " Julie Gibbons       "The National Dog Training Centre is fab! It is run by dedicated staff that are experts on dog care, handling and training. I am a university student that did a placement here, and I would fully recommend it to anyone, in high school/college/university, who needs to do work experience or any form placement! You learn loads, everyone is really friendly/welcoming, and the dogs are lovely!" Laura Harper       "First boot camp today. Absolutely amazed by the team. Can’t thank them enough for their help. We have just participated in a class with other dogs, something I never imagined we would ever be able to do. Can’t wait to continue our training." Jodie Wynn       "Started bringing my dog here 6 weeks ago and we’ve been coming every week since, he loves it he is like a different dog. I would recommend this place,Tom and Lou know what they r talking about if you need your dog trained definitely bring them here." Joanne Freeman
Puppy Dog Training

Puppy Dog Training

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National Association of Security Dog Users
The British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers
International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP)
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Do not worry if you have been told that your dog cannot be helped, most behaviours are sorted by our experienced trainers very quickly and effectively.

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