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"First day was great, friendly trainers and can already see a difference in my dog. Will definitely be back." Beka Anderson       "Absolutely yes!! I can’t recommend enough. Amazing what they can do to change a dogs behaviour. I went yesterday for the first time. Completely at the end of my tether with my dog. Within 15 mins I had a different dog. The behaviour within a short space of time had completely changed. Massive thanks. Keep up the fab work! " Julie Gibbons       "The National Dog Training Centre is fab! It is run by dedicated staff that are experts on dog care, handling and training. I am a university student that did a placement here, and I would fully recommend it to anyone, in high school/college/university, who needs to do work experience or any form placement! You learn loads, everyone is really friendly/welcoming, and the dogs are lovely!" Laura Harper       "First boot camp today. Absolutely amazed by the team. Can’t thank them enough for their help. We have just participated in a class with other dogs, something I never imagined we would ever be able to do. Can’t wait to continue our training." Jodie Wynn       "Started bringing my dog here 6 weeks ago and we’ve been coming every week since, he loves it he is like a different dog. I would recommend this place,Tom and Lou know what they r talking about if you need your dog trained definitely bring them here." Joanne Freeman
Canine Hydrotherapy Pool
We also have a DOG EXERCISE FIELD to rent £10 for a hour.
K9 HYDROTHERAPY POOL which is available all week.


Hydrotherapy is very beneficial to dogs of all fitness levels. Not only is it fun, but the exercise is also vital for keeping your dog happy and healthy. In five minutes of swimming in our pool, your dogs will expend the same amount of energy as they would on a five-mile walk. We also offer rehabilitation to dogs with injuries, such as hip/elbow dysplasia, cruciate ligament damage, arthritis and more.

First Swim (Pool Induction)

Your first visit is an induction. The cost includes a safety induction and consultation with our hydrotherapist, for “up to” 30 minutes per dog. Generally, inductions will be shorter. This allows us to take our time with, especially nervous or anxious dogs. We recommend 30 minutes per dog as experience has taught us that both dogs and their owners benefit from a longer first session. After your first visit, you can choose to have assisted or non-assisted sessions.

Swimming with your dog

We allow and encourage you to come in and swim with your dog. We have changing rooms and you may swim in whatever you feel most comfortable in, whether its a swim costume/bikini, shorts & T-shirt or a wet suit! After your swim session, you will be directed to the drying area - we have your dogs, as well as dryers for the dogs (we recommend you still bring a towel for your dog as some don't like dryers).

Before the swim

Before coming for your session, please ensure you allow your dog ample time to go to the toilet, as accidents in the pool, although very infrequent, are charged at £75 - this is because we may have to close the pool for a while afterwards and quite often have to empty the pool out. Also, please don't feed your dog within 2 hours before you come, and for at least 2 hours afterwards.

Non-Assisted Hydrotherapy

Non-assisted hydrotherapy sessions are 30 minutes long. Here we offer full, private use of the pool for you and your dogs. These sessions are for when you want to come and have fun with your dogs in a happy, safe environment, whilst your dogs get some valuable exercise.

We run our 1-2-1 session weekday afternoons except for Wednesdays. Time run from 13:30 till last session being 16:00.

We also have a DOG EXERCISE FIELD to rent £10 for a hour. K9 HYDROTHERAPY POOL which is available all week.

£25 for one dog + £5 per extra dog (30 minutes)

National Association of Security Dog Users
The British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers
International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP)
Highfield Qualifications
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Do not worry if you have been told that your dog cannot be helped, most behaviours are sorted by our experienced trainers very quickly and effectively.

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